Your language
So radiant
Obscured the
Sunset carnival
Of Pula’s
Regal wave to
The Italian coast.

I’m unashamed to say
I loved you
That night.


How She Writes

Precisely spaced curls
The positive angle to the right
Number 1 on a dartboard.

The way it would fit Cyrillic script
As if trained, a monk’s patient labour
Everyday comments turned mediocre
To exclusive.

The first time I saw her writing
Inside an antique red Russian Easter card
I knew I had found something
Special; a keeper I had become
Keeper of beautiful prose.

Skim reading notebooks
Not for content, grammar, or style
For uniform shapes, delicious curls
Like English butter at afternoon tea.
Writing like this should be banned
In any other hand but hers.


GP Moss

January 2017

Reclamation of Days

When I learned
Of Cleopatrian betrayal
It was tempting
To add up the days
Send an invoice
And declare
This is for the time
You took from me
That no money
Can ever compensate.

Important events
That required certain
Status affirming behaviours
I was happy to provide
For me it was natural
To complement
Your success
With the quiet show of loyalty and grace
That befits a woman who has always said
Thank you
This is what I was looking for.

With time
I’m happy to say
These were not wasted years.
If you clearly had
More things on your mind
As we loved on beaches
Dutifully educated your children
Then that, my dear, is your headache
For now that invoice will never be sent
I enjoyed those days
And now I reclaim them.

GP Moss

Aug 2016