Internet of Things

There will be a time
To worry again
A point where I can say
I told me so.
For now I contemplate
Certain uncertainties.

My fridge freezer
Its generic name
Rubbed off with age
Stands accusingly
The obsolete parts
A product of its maker’s demise.

Its dark interior
Accepts my choices
Button lipped observer
Of high fats
Sugary temptations
Cardiac betrayals.

My overactive mind
Thinking nervously ahead
Buying a new stake
In my collective bowl of neuroses
Transformer-like in its techno glory
Demanding to share my Ethernet.

This decision making cold store
Temperature gauging, water refreshing
Internal cameras checking its stock
Linking to shops, future proof grocers
Connecting on LinkedIn
It would not surprise me.

It will become smarter
Bored with its remit
Health consciously cocky.
I consider its ordering
Of black olive ice cream
The beginning of the end.