The clean scent of night
Betrayed lurking evils
Impatient Initiators of
Random acts
Of violence.

Raven ice mirrored
Coal black soul catchers
Devil unleashers
Beast rousers
Of malicious malevolence.

Concrete blows
Delivered with
Drunken imprecision
Caught me off guard
This crispy ice aired
December morn.

Impish winter gods
Took indiscreet pleasure
In the off key concerto
Of amphetamined thugs
Crocked on chemical cider
Laying waste to this man of fifty.

Brokered benevolence
Delivered from a
Higher Saviour
Rescued me as
My heart began to fail
And with one last laughing punch
Distant sirens frightened these
Cowards of Consequence.

When I see them now
These feral misfits
Of limited memory
I pity their gene challenged parents
Who will never see pride
In their brutal sons.

Perhaps this experience
Of wasted youth
Was a quiet blessing
Reminding me
Of the joy
Of my own two sons
And the quiet inspiration
They give to others.

I leave this icy tale
With gratitude for life.