supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (acrostic)

Acrostically ridiculous…

Surreal explanation
Understood by all
Perfectly English
Except they were Austrian
Running over meadows
Calling the cows
Although they dressed nicely
Like in a movie
Instead of  real life
Forget that for now
Remember the song
Andrews so sweet
Gathering the kids
Initially boisterous
Like kids in our day
Insisting they’re right
Some sweeter than others
Then soldiers arrive
Insisting surrender
Come hell or high water
Escape is now needed
Xenophobia beckons
Pushing themselves
In moments of terror
Although this acrostic
Likes going off course
Instead of  D, a
Deer, a female deer
Oh no the wrong song
Collecting odd words
In moments of madness
Oh no the wrong film
Unless I’m mistaken I
Spoiled this whole poem.


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